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Intentional Interim Pastorates


Paul pastors churches that are at a crossroads and determined to write a new chapter in their story. He is currently serving his 16th intentional interim with churches in crisis or transition. These churches have ranged in size from as few as 25 to as many as 1300 in attendance and were affiliated with Converge, Evangelical Covenant, CM & A, Evangelical Free and non-denominational.

Typical results from intentional interim pastorates
+ Restored unity in Christ
+ Clarified vision
+ Resolution of unhealthy relationships and structures
+ Increased trust in leadership
+ Training and development of leaders
+ Positive transition to new incoming lead pastor

“As I sat in church today with a fully packed sanctuary I couldn’t help but see the fruits of what God has done in you and your work at our church. With the Lord’s help, you healed a hurting congregation. You gave us a vision and helped us move forward. I see so much excitement and promise.” - church member

Church Check-Up

Church Check-Up engages the entire congregation in assessing the current health and future direction of the church. Too often when vision is declared by leadership it does not translate into ownership and action by the congregation. Church Check-Up is a 3-month process that involves congregants in guided interactive groups. The outcome is ownership of a clear picture of the church’s current health and a focused direction for its future.

“Thank you for bringing us to life again in Christ as a congregation. We have grown and grown. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your leadership has helped us heal past issues and shown us a new direction.” - congregational leader

“As a church we felt assured knowing this is your specialty and that you have gone through this with other churches.” - board member

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